Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bedside table re-vamp

I just found this post in my draft folder! It was all done and just needed an after photo! So yes, the watermarks are different on the before and after photo's but this project was done while we were still in QLD and before the blog renaming...

B and I have been together since we left school. I bought my first house at 18 and we pieced together that house with furniture from my childhood bedroom and bits and pieces my family and friends gave us.

B came with the clothes on his back and hardly anything else. Our couch was one he picked up for $45 from the Blue Nurses Garage sale that happens in town once a week. We steam cleaned it within an inch of its life and then had to sit on blanket after blanket just so it had some padding.

When we moved into this house that we built in 2006 we needed to actually buy some grown up furniture. But one of the items that you wouldn't class as grown up furniture that actually joined us on our move was this bedside table.

This little three draw thing is probably about 40 years old. I am pretty sure it was my mothers and then it was mine as a child. It was white back then, I painted it yellow myself when I was in my early teens. It has been Cadens bedside table for the past few years, but the yellow paint it really starting to show its age.

I asked him what colour he would like me to paint it and straight away he said red. So red it is.

We (I of course mean me!) set about stripping the aged yellow paint off and getting it ready for it's brand new look.

Then we smoothed it out with some sandpaper and prep it to be re-painted in Caden's colour choice.

Yes, it doesn't have any handles yet. It did, I left them outside to dry and Angus, our black Labrador ate them... Next time we are near a hardware store that doesn't charge the earth I will grab some.

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  1. Looks great, like a whole new bedside table.


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