Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Session: Pitch Perfect

So I am a little late to the Pitch Perfect game, but I finally watched it yesterday and I love it!

Rebel Wilson is awesome, as is Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin.

Anyhow, here is some Pitch Perfect goodness for you Sunday!

Have you seen Pitch Perfect?

I am linking up with Cass for Sunday Sessions.


  1. I've watched this like five is so brilliant! Never fails to cheer me up so better late than ever to the PP party, I say!

  2. I haven't see it yet.... but my 12yr old did over the holidays and was just telling me this morning again about how much she loves it.
    Those songs gave me goosebumps... all that Choir-y type stuff does! Gets me everytime!!!
    Thanks for linking up lovely x

  3. No I haven't seen it yet. It sounds like my sort of movie though. So I will have to get myself a copy I think :-)

  4. Hand up. Not me either Amy. It might be one of those I save for a Saturday night alone on Foxtel with a box of chocolates. Love the songs though.

    Anne xx


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