Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So that was 2012

2012 was a pretty big year for us. It started off with Caden starting Prep and Mahli going into Kindy. And it just got busier from there. B was promoted in early February and the new position brought he new challenges and a lot of stress. But he excelled in his new role and the experience he gained and skills he displayed opened the door for him to be recruited to a new role in Western Australia. The recruitment process started in July of 2012 and dominated the next 4 months of our lives. At the beginning all he new was that the job was in the Pilbara. They didn't disclose anything else so we had no idea where the rest of 2012 would take us.

In August he was flown to Perth and then we began to find out more information on where life would be taking us. We found out where exactly we would be living in the Pilbara and I was a little hesitant as it would be a long long way from anything.

But we weighed the pros and cons and well you know the rest. We began our move towards the end on October and B left us the first week of November to start his new position. I moved in with my Grandparents and we rented out our house back in QLD.


We started out 2012 thinking we would be calling Queensland our home for a long long time. And ended it living across the other side of the country away from all our family and friends.

But you know what? We are move excited about our future than we have ever been. It was the right move for us as a couple and family as well as for B and his career. I resigned from my position before we left and I will be a full time stay at home Mum for at least the next 12 months. I'll re-think things after Ethan starts Kindy in 2014.

So who knows what 2013 will be, but you know what? Bring it on!

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