Friday, January 25, 2013

Manners and Kids

Lately manners have been a thing that one particular child of mine has been lacking. Miss Mahli has always been a demanding little miss. Instead of asking for something she would always just start crying until you asked her what was wrong. If she wanted a cup of milk she would cry, if she wanted help with her pants she would cry. Well you get the picture, there were a lot of tears spilt around here which could have easily been avoided if she would have only just asked for help.

That seems easy for us adults to say, but as a kid it probably all seems perfecting normal to them.
But I am at a loss as to how to get her to improve. It is like one big continuing cycle, she starts with her demanding, I explain that that isn't they way we speak in this house and she re-phrases herself and then we do it all again 10 minutes later.

And now her little brother seems to be following in her footsteps.

Do you have any tips? Is it a phase that she will grown out off? Help! She (and the other two) are wearing me down at the moment!

Are school holidays over yet???


  1. Riley does the same thing. I just try to calm him down and remind him to use his words. I have noticed that he tends to do it more when he's tired, or has had enough of the big kids being around. Bring on school days and a return to routine!

  2. Manner and children are something that takes a lot of time. By continually modelling and rephrasing for children, they get it.

    If they don't see you using manners, they won't think they have to. I fall into this at times at work, always ensuring I say please; I remember my 'thank you' but am sometimes in a rush.

    Thanks for sharing your link on We Heart Life's post today! <3

    Carly [Creator of We Heart Life]


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