Saturday, November 24, 2012

Octonauts save the day + a giveaway

And saves my sanity! As some of you may know, we are currently living in two bedrooms of my grandparents three bedroom house until the school year finishes. Once school is over we will be joining my husband in WA, he has been there since the start of the month...

And we'll, my patience are a little thin at the moment, so anything that give me five minutes of peace is welcome. And the new Octonauts magazine does just that and more!

Love by little fans worldwide, the Octonausts are a team of adventure heros who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea to: EXPLORE. RESCUE. PROTECT. After the success of the hit ABC2 TV show, Australia will launch the first official Octonauts Magazine on November 7th 2012 ($5.95) . Inside you'll find fun activities to help you get to know the Octonauts and to help encourage literacy and counting skills, shape recognition sizes and more. It's everything an Octo-child could wish for.

  • Free fun ball with every issue!
  • 50+ activity and reward stickers!

The magazine is packed with some really great activities that both Mahli and Caden enjoyed.

And the free ball amused Ethan for hours!!

And you have the chance to win a copy too! Simply tell me your child's favourite Octonauts character for your chance to win.

Entries will close on the 2nd of December and the winner will be notified by email.


  1. Tweak, the engineer, he's awesome!!

  2. Peso (is that how you spell it?) My kids love that show!

  3. Hunter likes Peso, because he fixed people!

  4. Kwazii is the favourite here too. russellcathryn at yahoo dot

  5. My son loves Captain Barnacles Bear & Lieutenant Kwazii Cat.

  6. My daughter likes Peso and Kwazii.

  7. My girls love Dashi (the girl who takes photos they tell me).

  8. My kids love Professor Inkling Octopus because he is smart and knows stuff (according to Mr 4)
    Mr 2 loves Peso because he is a penguin and he loves penguins.
    Miss 6 can't pick her favourite she likes them all because they are all different and like our family work together (topic at school recently on working together seems to still be influencing her :) )
    Mr 12 says he doesn't have a favourite as its a kids show but he was watching with the rest of them instead of playing his xbox!


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