Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So much to do, don't know where to start...


You know when you have a massive amount of things to do, but you just don't know where to start?

Well that is me at the moment. Before we leave (well before B leaves) we have to rip out and replace all the carpets in our house and repaint. We have to replace our oven, clean up that gardens and well do a load of other things.

Our to do list fills more than 1 A4 sheet of paper. It is overwhelming.

That is on top of the everyday things we have to get through and the fact that B is still working until the 19th. He flies out on the 2nd of November (and takes all our stuff with him), those two weeks in between are going to be busy, but I always want to make sure we have some family time in there as we don't fly over until the 15th of December. That means we will be apart for 7 weeks!

And now I am procrasting by writing this rambling post.

I better go sort out a wardrobe...

Do you have that problem when you are so busy that you just don't know where to start? 


  1. I absolutely do! After the entire family is sick at once, the house is a disaster, laundry is overflowing and dust is everywhere. Where do you begin with that? I just pick one spot (not even the room) and start putting everything away from that spot and return. Once I find the one area is clean, I begin to get motivated!

  2. Love the illustration. It explains things perfectly. I used to procrastinate heaps about doing blog posts as I wasn't confident in my writing ability.

    The secret is to break down projects into smaller tasks. When I'm getting lazy about the blog my colleague always reminds me - 300 words and a picture. It doesn't always have to be an essay for it to be quality.


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