Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eating from the pantry

So because of the big move we are decluttering (again) and having to deplete our pantry stocks. Truthfully would could probably survive on the food in our pantry for months. There are enough beans, lentils, rice, pasta and oats to last that long anyway. But now we have too. So it is creative dinners all the way here.

We have been eating:

taco bean wraps
chick pea curry and rice
baked beans
lentil sauces and cous cous
And various other wrap fillings.

I have also made a HUGE batch of granola from all the rolled oats I found in the pantry.

Could you live from your pantry for months?

What dinners could you create? 


  1. I am afraid I could! I tend to over stock

  2. Any special recipe for chickpea curry?

    Not sure about living from the pantry for months but maybe a few weeks.

  3. We are going to clean out our pantry today. I am not sure what is in the back of it.

  4. I could for a week or 2 but longer would be a challenge. When we moved house some of our meals got quite odd towards the end.


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