Monday, October 1, 2012

Beach bums

Along with getting the house organised to pack up and repairing, repainting and cleaning we are trying to enjoy everything we love about where we live now.

So that means trips to the beach. Often.

We took the kids one afternoon last week and they had a ball.

We didn't to go the actual beach here. But we headed to the point instead were is is shallow and the waves are only tiny.

 The kids can safely play in the shallows without use worry about us all getting dumped on the waves.

And apologies for the photo overload. But I am trying to document everything for the kids so we can look back on it in the future.

What things do you love about where you live?


  1. I totally get the trying to cram in your old life before you change it. Before we moved to the country we were going to markets, cafes etc every weekend just to soak it up. It is like you only appreciate what you have when it is about to change! Best wishes for all your planning and packing!

  2. I have great memories of the beach from when I was a kid. We still live near (well about 15 minutes from)but we don't get there much. Have to make a point of it as the weather gets better and the kids can enjoy it more now they are older.

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