Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, that big news I had to share

Remember how back in Julyish I wrote these posts about breathing some new life into my Living areas and Bathroom? Well just days after I wrote those posts B received a phone call that would put a stop to my plans.

The phone call was about a job interview in Perth... He flew over in the last week of July and a few days later received another phone call telling him he has a medical to attend, the phone calls continued, more hoops to jump through. B was excited about it all as he has been wanting this career change for a while. Things progressed and B and I were offered a 'site visit', which means that the company flew us over to WA to check out the town we would call home and B would get a chance to meet the team he would work with etc. So we did just that not long ago...

If you follow me on instagram you would have probably noticed that I spent a bit of time on planes (6 planes in 3 days to be exact!) back in August.

Anyhow, now contracts have exchanged hands and notice has been given at his current work. Things are all very very real now. We are no longer going to be calling Queensland home. That alone feels strange. We both have only ever lived in Queensland. Although B has lived somewhere other than the town we call home now. Whereas me, well I was born here.

It is exciting and scary all at once. We will be moving to a town in the Pilbara. People have been asking if the remoteness will bother me. All I can say to that is well, I'm not sure. I am looking forward to this move in so many ways, but I really don't know what to expect once we get there.

What I know is that I will miss the ocean views that I see every single morning,I NEED to take photos of those before I leave. And I will no doubt miss my family and friends. But I guess I am excited by the unknown. Excited about our new adventure.


  1. Wow! how exciting! Congratulations on your new adventure.
    We moved from NZ to Queensland almost 5 years ago. It is huge leaving all the familiar.
    I also spent a year living in the USA when I was younger but my husband had never lived anywhere but his hometown. Thank goodness for Facebook I say for keeping in touch! lol.
    All the best on your move!

  2. Wow that is exciting, Congratultions!!

  3. How exciting!! I did see your travel pics on Instagram! You are doing what my hubby has always dreamed of. I am sure you will all grow to love the move. Wishing you all the best with the move & your new & exciting life!


  4. That's amazing - it will be an adventure and you will find all kinds of wonderful things about your new hometown... Congratulations!
    deb @ home life simplified

  5. What! No, I haven't even met you yet!!!!! When are you going, hope to try a catch up before then, and I am really excited for you and the next stage of your life xo

  6. Wow Amy! That is exciting news. I remember you saying you might be heading over there. All the very best!

    Anne xx

  7. Wow, that is exciting news! Change is always scary, but holds great possibilities!

  8. How exciting for you. A big change like that is always a bit hard, but once you get into, you will love it I'm sure! Good luck with all the organisation you have coming up!

  9. Wow that is scary/exciting news for all of you. I've never lived anywhere but Queensland either but WA is a beautiful state I hope that you enjoy your new adventure there.

  10. That is huge!!! Adventures in a remote corner!!! How VERY exciting!! Your whole world view is going to change! WA is a very beautiful state - and it's cost line is amazing. When do you leave?


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