Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Presentation day

I had to work on Sunday so I missed Caden's first Football presentation day.

So I had to make do with B's attempt at taking photos.

He is a little scared by my camera. I did show him how to just put it on auto, but he was still a bit perplexed by it. And I don't think Ethan was co-operating with him that well.

Do you work? Do you have to miss out on things like this?


  1. I work 4 days a week, having previously worked full time. I miss out on things all the time. I feel bad and try to make the effort to go to the important things, but I also accept that someone (in this case me) has to earn money too, and my kids need the good example that hard work is important, and that I love them even if I can't be with them every minute of the day... well that's what I tell myself anyway!!


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