Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fast Five: Favourite Kids Clothing Online Stores

I buy a large chunk of the kids wardrobes online. I would like to think that I could make a lot of their clothing, but reality is that I don't have the spare time it to kit out all three with their required clothing. So instead I make a few basics each season and then top up via a few favourite online spaces and get some basics from Big W or Target.

So anyway here are my top five online clothing stores for kids:

1. Tillytom: Anna is the lovely lady behind the handmade clothing brand Tillytom brand. Her clothing and designs are just fantastic. The fabrics are just gorgeous and the attention to detail in her pieces are second to none.

2. Lil Blue Boo: This is a US based handmade clothing store (with a fantastic blog attached too). The dresses are just gorgeous and are Mahli's absolute favourite dresses to wear. The boys own some gorgeous silk screened t-shirts from here too.

3. Gymboree: A US based clothing store. I tend to do two orders a year during their end of season sales. 

4. Witchery: I only buy from her during sales, but the quality of the clothes are fantastic and you can pick up some really great bargains.

5. Country Road- Same deal as above. Only at sale times- I have picked up some really fantastic bargains from here.

What are your favourite online clothing stores?

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