Monday, August 27, 2012

Party Planner: A Lego Party

Caden is turning 6 very very soon. At first he requested a Ghost party, and as much as I liked that idea I was kind of hoping that he would choose a Lego Party instead, I have wanted him to have a Lego party since his Cars birthday party last year. I let him go with his Ghost party planning though. He started his guest list and was thinking of games they could play and what type of cake he would like until he spotted me looking at Lego Parties on Pinterest and promptly changed his mind!

So a Lego Party it is! Here are a few of the pins that grabbed his attention-

Source: via Amy- on Pinterest

Do you like planning and preparing birthday parties? 


  1. I certainly do! There are some awesome Lego party ideas around - I'm secretly hoping I'll get to do one at some stage. Fingers crossed. All the best with your planning!


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