Friday, August 3, 2012

Bad Mummy Moment

Caden has been home from school since Tuesday afternoon after we got the dreaded call from sick bay asking us to pick him up as he wasn't well. He looked better this morning so B took him off to school and when he arrived the whole class were dressed up like Pirates... except Caden. We had no idea today was 'Pirate day'. So in an effort to regain some Mummy brownie points I made him a quick pair of 'pirate' pants this afternoon.

They are only pyjama pants made out of skull and bone fabric from my stash.

He has given me his sickness so it was the best I could do today.

He loved his new pirate pants and feel a little better for sending him to school without his pirate dress ups on...

Have you ever not known about or forgotten a special event at school?


  1. Very cute!! I forget things regularly - unless I put them on the calendar as soon as the notes come home!!

  2. I often forget about important days at school and when we are doing the drop off in the morning and see everyone else dressed up in their national dress, we need to quickly do a uturn and hope for the best we have something at home that will at the least help him look like we almost tried!

  3. Yup, that's all part of the mummy world - I personally blame the teachers for not letting us know with more notice ; )

    You are an excellent Mummy never doubt that!


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