Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another milestone

We reached another milestone in this house tonight. We have already experienced the first time each child has smiled, rolled over, laughed, sat up, crawled, walked. Caden and Mahli have both had their first days at Kindy. Caden has had his first day of school and now he also got to experience...

the loss of his first tooth!!!

It had been loose for about a month and the adult tooth had already emerged behind it. He would not allow anyone to assist him and was scared to pull it out himself.
When I picked him up from school today I noticed that it was extremely lose and told him it would be out before he went to bed tonight. He thought nothing of it and went about his business. We ate dinner and about 10 minutes after dinner I asked him if his tooth had fallen out. He claimed it hadn't but then he checked and yep, it was gone.

We can't find it anywhere so I am certain that he ate it with his dinner. He is now busy writing his letter to the tooth fairy to explain it's absence.

Have your children lost their first tooth yet? Did they happen to swallow it like Caden? How much did the tooth fairy leave them?


  1. My daughter has lost five teeth, and of those she has swallowed two and lost on on the bottom of the pool in the middle of a swimming lesson!

    1. I think Caden will probably suffer the same fate. He didn't even notice that this one came out and even when I told him, he didn't believe me.


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