Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A last minute gift

It was B's birthday this week and on Monday morning I got a little worried. His present hadn't arrived and I wanted to make sure that I had a gift ready besides the small presents the kids and bought him (think toys cars and the like!)

I didn't want to spend any cash unnessecarily as he already has a gift coming in the mail. So I decided to make him something instead. Except he isn't the handmade gift type, so I was at a loss.

In the end I decided to make him an armrest caddy for the remote controls. He is always losing his cool when 'his' remotes can't be located so I figured if we had one location for them all problems would be solved.

 I tried to find some 'manly' as possible fabric in my stash. Funnily enough I don't have much 'manly' fabric!

But in the end I am happy with the fabric choices. Some of the stitching is a big horrendous though!

It was one of those anything that can go wrong, will go wrong days!

Why do those days always happen when you are on a short deadline?

Caden liked it though. I'll let you know B's thoughts after I give it to him.

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  1. This is so clever! I love the fabric choices too!! It looks absolutely perfect on the couch! What a great idea! You are so inventive!

  2. I love the fabrics. It looks great!

  3. That looks great! I am sure B will love it too!


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