Saturday, July 28, 2012

What our Saturday mornings look like

Most Saturday morning you will find us freezing on the sidelines watching Caden play footy.
 We spend the whole trip into town listening to B 'coaching' Caden on what he has to do on the field and me reminding B that he is only 6 and to ease up.
Caden enjoys it though. He was excited at the start of the year when he asked if he was old enough to play footy yet and we said yes. He did ask to play last year but couldn't as he wasn't five until the end of the season.
It has also helps build his confidence and pull him out of his shell. We were looking for ways to do this as he is shy and reserved child. 

 Thursday morning he always wakes up excited because it means he has football training that afternoon and then Friday night he puts himself to bed early so he has enough sleep for his Saturday morning games.
 He is always the first up on a Saturday morning making sure he has breakfast and has all his footy gear ready.

 Mahli and Ethan even enjoy watching him play. They get excited on the sidelines along with the rest of the us.

 All the boys are such great kids and they are already great sports, encouraging each other at every turn.

It is mornings like these are a lucky we live in Queensland. I couldn't imagine watching winter sports in the southern states!

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