Monday, July 23, 2012

The great big sook

 On Sunday afternoon after we arrived home from our trip north we had to collect one of dogs. Remy had spent the weekend with my Grandparents. When we arrived at their house to get him he was prancing around like a pork chop whinging his head off. You would have thought we had been gone for a year they way he carried on and then in the car he was still sooking it. It was like he was trying to make us feel bad for leaving him.

His efforts worked on Mahli, she kept telling him 'It's alright Remdog, I am home now. I will give you lots of cuddles'. He is 2 and a half now, but he still acts like that baby he was when we bought him home.

Do you have pets? Do they make you feel guilty when you go away without them?


  1. Absolutely! My dog Coco is so sad and happy when I pick her up from our friend's who keep her while we are gone overnight. She stands by the door just in case we think we might want to leave without her again. She is so funny! And my cat cries and cries and then disappears to punish us for going away, even though we had someone come over to feed and love him while we were gone.

    1. They sure know how to pull on our heart strings, don’t they?!

      Thanks for stopping by

      Amy x


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