Saturday, July 14, 2012

{Recipe} Prawn and Crab Linguine

Another meal we enjoyed for our anniversary dinner was Prawn and Crab linguine.

Please note some of the amounts are a guess as I hardly ever measure when I am making a savoury dish. Sorry!

400g crab meat (can use fresh or tinned)
200g Peeled cooked prawns
olive oil
Dry Linguine
1x large Red Onion
1 small red chilli- seeds removes
1 small green chilli
2 cloves of garlic


Put large pot of salted water on to boil and follow packet instructions to cook linguine.

Heat olive oil in pan and add minced garlic cloves and diced red onion. As soon as onion starts to turn transparent reduce heat and add crab meat and cooked prawns. Since the crab meat and prawns are already cooked, you only want to reheat them slowly. Add drained linguine.
Mix well and season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley.



  1. Happy Anniversary. It looks like you enjoyed your celebrations!

  2. Thanks for linking this post to the POTMC, Amy. I've never tried cooking with crab - this could convert me! J x

  3. That looks absolutely delicious! Off to buy some crab (have the prawns) first thing in the morning. No prizes for guessing my dinner tomorrow night!!!!!


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