Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Soulless Bathroom

Following on from my post on Tuesday about finding my homes style, I thought I would show you the kids bathroom.

It lacks colour, style, well is just really really bland. And in the interest of full disclosure, these photo's were taken before cleaning. This is how the kids left it this morning...

It is towel washing day, hence the no towels...
First off, I will be putting something on the walls, maybe some wall art like these:

Source: via Amy- on Pinterest

And making one of these in some bright as bright patchwork fabric

Do you have other suggestions?


  1. We have a retro 60s bathroom, it aint fabulous, but I guess it does have a lot of soul!

    Problem is bathrooms are so expensive to renovate, I am going to stay with the green bath for a few more years.

  2. Love the wash your hands brush your teeth sighs, very cute

    maybe tile decals places at random intervals around the room to add colour and intrest..... I'm not sure they even make them but well the Idea is there and I have a bit of a thing for decorated tiles at the moment

  3. Love the art ideas. Just adding some bright towels and some colourful accessories like tissue box cover and toothbrush holder - that will make a huge difference:)


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