Friday, June 1, 2012

Old is new again

Well kind of...

This chair was mine as a child. It lived at my grandparents house and then when I had kids it moved to my parents house.

In recent years it was stuck outside in the weather so I thought I would attempt to breath some new life into it. 

The kids helped sand it back

And then I decided to spray paint it an off white. It isn't 'like new', but it no longer scratches you when you sit in it.

And well I quiet like it.

Do your kids have something that was yours as a child? Is it looking a little worse for wear?


  1. I like that it still looks weathered! I have my rocking horse from childhood - it's a cool modern Swedish piece and my mother is keeping it for me to use when I have bebes x

  2. It looks fabulous after the make-over! I love things like this, that have been handed down the family, just lovely.

  3. Cute little chair...good that your kids know that you used it as a child!

  4. Reconstrccion Fantastic!
    A hug.


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