Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My craft/office space

A little while ago I shared my craft space over at And Sew We Craft, I thought I would share it here too.

I have made a few changes to it since then, but I thought I would share it anyway as the bones of it are still the same.

You might remember that I recently moved my craft space into my old dining room. Before then I was exiled to the garage and it was steaming hot in summer and cold in winter.

Really not a great environment for crafting in. So when we moved our 8 seater dining table out into our open plan living area since we couldn’t all fit at our 4 seater any more I decided to convert the dining room into my craft room.

It made sense since we wouldn’t be using it for dining any more. I am now using our 4 seater table as my ‘cutting table’.
My craft space also in my office now too since I moved out family computer out of our master bedroom.

I am enjoying being in this space as the area is directly off our main living spaces, so I can be crafting and still be an active part of the family. Before when I was in the garage I felt exiled!

I still have many plans for this space. I currently don’t have any ‘window treatments’ but have a few ideas for these!

I also need to do something about my table cloth. It is an old vintage sheet, but it really isn’t the look that I would like to go for.

My fabric storage method is also far from ideal,
so I need to get that under control, pronto!

And as you could probably tell from the above photos, I had divided the space using expedit bookcases. The other side is our family room and the kids play area. But this just wasn't working so I moved the large expedit book case against the wall next to the arm chair and then the small expedit book case against the back of the sofa, it flows a little more freely, but I am forever getting Ethan away from my 'stuff'. This has meant a few misplaced sewing machine feet (they seem to be his favourite thing to hide from me!) So I am now also looking for ways to store them out of his reach.

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