Friday, June 15, 2012

Handmade Knits

I mentioned to my Grandmother a few weeks ago that I was knitting a cardigan for Mahli and this gave her the idea that she should pull out her knitting too.

So in about 4 days she knocked out as little red cardy for Mahli and then she just kept on knitting.

Mahli has another cardy, this time in pink (not photographed, it's in the wash) and her dolls have not been forgotten either. 
Knitted Dolls Dress
 And I think Ethan now has three new jumpers and Caden has one and on they way.

Meanwhile, I am still knitting Mahli's Kina!

Oh to be able to knit like my Granny!

And this jumper was knitted last year by her,

Ethan wore it out yesterday and we got some many comments on it it wasn't funny.

Do you like hand knitted clothing?


  1. How awesome. I love hand knits on kids. My MIL knitted to boy a good jumper in yummy Bendigo Wool for me this winter Would love some everyday ones though unfortunately her shoulder is playing up and knitting is hard for her

  2. oh the joy of knitting little hand knits - aren't Nana's amazing the way the knit!

  3. I LOVE hand knits - they are the best! And ones made with Nana love are even better!

  4. Does she take orders, I can't knit at all.

  5. Awww, cute! I love the little dolly jumper, very sweet!

    *via And Sew We Craft linky party*

  6. Its my lifelong dream to be a knitting nana!! I cant wait to have the time to pursue my crafts fulltime. The amount of people who laugh at me is huge but its true. Grandchildren would also be excellent :)


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