Friday, June 8, 2012

{Guest Post} The way you craft, you live

Crafting takes some organising for most people. Or maybe you throw the stuff on the bench and just go for it; slips of paper or scraps of fabric flying in every direction. Gung-ho one minute bored the next. Whatever your crafting style I think it says a lot about you. 

My Mother, for example, is obsessive. She scrapbooks with gusto, an all or nothing approach. She collects new papers and adornments as if they were the air she so essentially breathes. She loves it and will often find herself awake in the middle of the night to do just one more page. And that about sums up my Mum. She loves like that, works like that, eats like that... With gusto! 

While I’m the bull at a gate type. A must do it now type! Now, now, now.  And then I’m over it. Something else catches my attention and my efforts are diverted. I’m the two year old of the crafting world. Oh shiny things... Wow. Check that out. In a lot of ways that’s me in real life. I love a good plan. And I love to make a new one. Over and over again. Believe me it surprises no one more than me that I get anything done. 

Now each crafter has a style, as unique to them as their genetics. I love to watch. To try and make myself conform to a new way of creating and it never works. My focus is limited. I love an idea more than I love a finished product. I drive my Mother batty. So I work on focus and try to finish what I’m doing. Maybe one day I’ll be Queen of crafting...

Now that you think about it, do you craft like you live life? 

Melissa blogs can be found over at Suger Coat it, or on twitter as sugercoatit and over on facebook here.  


  1. I am a bull at the gate type, too. I am much the same way about everything in life - I have to work hard at having a balanced approach. As for staying tidy and organised while crafting...I seem to find that to be an impossible feat!

  2. Hahahaha!! Very crafty, and very funny :)But it's true, isn't it? I am kind of the same way. I give 100%, burn out and loose interest.


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