Monday, June 18, 2012

Another weekend bites the dust

The weekend just gone was a pretty damn good one even though I woke up on Saturday morning and puked my guts up and then still made it to the 8am footy game to watch Caden. I am so glad I made it because he scored his first try AND got player of the match. I didn't managed to get a photo of any of it though because of the previously mention puking. I was trying mighty hard to keep the contents of my stomach down.

Then we had to do some shopping for Ethan's birthday which is next week! He will be TWO. TWO! How did that happen? Caden and Mahli are beyond excited about his birthday and were mighty miffed when I told them that we wouldn't be having a party, just cake and dinner with family. Caden told me that every onedeserves a party, I told him he is still having a party, just a small one. That seemed to settle him down.

Sunday was spent on the couch, I was (and still am) feeling sorry for myself and decided a movie day it would be. B had other plans and spent it on the roof fixing(finishing) our back patio. Caden and Mahli begged me to help them make some necklaces with beads. Who am I to say no to some crafting, so we made a few necklaces with their names on them.

It was a quiet weekend spent just with our little family and it was just what we all needed.

What did you do over the weekend?

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  1. I love how how Caden is advocating for his little brother to have a party - "everyone deserves a party" - so sweet!


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