Saturday, May 5, 2012

A speedy entrance

This post was published over at Accidental Wonderland after the birth of her beautiful little sesame. I have decided to re-post it today as it is almost Ethan's 2nd Birthday and I just can't believe that he is almost 2.

I was just over 38 weeks pregnant when I went into labour with Ethan. This is pretty normal for me. All my kids were born around that gestation.

I remember going to bed around 9:30 after a really long day with the kids. I was tired and went to sleep pretty much straight away. I remember being restless and waking slightly a few times but quickly going back to sleep then all of a sudden at around 1130pm I was woken by an almighty pain. I had felt a bit off and nauseas all day that I just thought that I had been hit by a gastro bug so headed for the bathroom where I alternated from a hot shower to the toilet (sorry for the TMI) this didn’t last for long though as all of a sudden my waters broke.

I remember it feeling like I had been punched from the inside and I heard an almighty POP! I told B to ring the hospital to let them know we would be in there very soon and to get him to ring my Mum to come watch the kids. I got dressed and put my bag in the car and waited for him, time started to tick by and he was still stuffing around inside. My Mum arrived and I told her to tell him to get in the car now or we would be having the baby at home. 

He slowly strolled out to the car and that is when he realised CRAP, I better get a move on. I couldn’t sit in the car at all it was too painful, so I spent the trip to the hospital leaning over the back seats, you see I started to have the urge to push while our car was still parked in our drive way. I spent the trip to town, which usually take anywhere between 25-40 minutes, fighting my bodies urge to push. If you have ever given birth you would know that is one mighty strong urge. 

Our trip to town was made in record time. Driving late at night meant no traffic and we seemed to have a win on the traffic lights, but he did run one red light just before the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital the midwife buzzed us in and met us in the corridor. I somehow managed a slight run to the birthing suite with B and the midwife behind me. I remember somehow jumping onto the bed and proceeding to deliver Ethan on all four pretty much as soon as I arrived at the hospital. The midwife was not at all prepared, but thankful everything went well. 

The on call OB proceeded to arrive 30 minutes later and still charged me $1600 for the privilege of her say hello and walking back out. Thankfully out medical insurance paid that bill!

Oh and remember how B was taking his sweet time getting organised to go to the hospital. He forgot his shoes! But remember a hat?? It was almost midnight...

Do you have long or quick births?


  1. How lovely....I adore birth sweet x I have a long story, a short story and one in between x

  2. Sounds very much like my #2. Woke at 7am with mild cramping that was regular and wasn't really sure what was going on. Hubby rang the hospital and while on the phone my waters broke at 7.30am. Then it was on! We were in the car and out the door by 7.40am, a couple of red lights through town, and at the hospital by 7.50am. Wheeled through emergency and up to the birth suits by 8am and Miss M arrived at 8.12am, just as hubby walked through the doors after parking the car! #1 & #3 weren't that quick, but almost ; )

  3. Sounds like my second. Hubby didn't see bubs born. By the time he arrived after dropping our eldest off, baby was born and I had cut the cord. I was fighting the push urge all the way and it was less than 10 minutes, poor guy who wheeled me to maternity was scared I was going to give birth in the lift (the while 2 floor ride. Luckily I was determined to at least wait til we were in the delivery room. Didn;t help it tok over half an hour to realise I was in labour.

    But that day was the day for it. he was the first of at least three quick deliveries, including a first time mum who gave birth in the bathroom, just 10 minutes after a all to the hospital said it would be a while off.

  4. Very quick!! Number two in 45 minutes and number three in 90 minutes, in an ambulance! Hubby missed both their births.

  5. I actually hate reading birth stories - but this one actually got me giggling - cheeky OB!!


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