Thursday, May 17, 2012

So, I am going vegan

Well, for the next 30 days anyway! I am taking part in the 30 Day Vegan online workshop that is be run by Heather from beauty that moves

I am not sure if I will go 100% vegan, but I will be embracing the whole food aspect as that is something we are really trying to do in our house anyway. But I am really excited about it all and can't wait to share my progress with you all.

Are you a vegan? Do you think you could go vegan, even if only for 30 days?


  1. No I doubt I could manage even a week or my hubby & kids would boycott.

  2. I have talked it all through with B and he is on board with it all. He isn't going to go vegan though, but will be predominately vegetarian for the month.

    I don't think he could go without eggs and dairy for more than a few days though!

  3. We eat a lot of whole foods but don't do the vegan thing. I think it is admirable but I don't personally think it is nutritionally sound for humans - particularly with the reliance on soy-based products. We do try to buy meat and eggs that are hormone-free, grass-fed/finished and free range. I am interested to see how you go!

  4. That's interesting Hannah. I was hesitant at first due to the whole soy products thing too, but this workshop doesn't seem to rely on soy products at all. I noticed that nut and rice milks are listed on the shopping list and not soy, I have only just started going through all the information but haven't seen any mention of soy yet.


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