Monday, May 21, 2012

CLOSED Need some help with the laundry? {giveaway}

Well Cold Power have come to the rescue with the Cold Power Smart Washer iPhone app!

Key benefits the Cold Power Smart Washer iPhone application offers:

·  A chance to save your clothes. Whether it’s red wine or baby formula that is ruining your new white top, the Cold Power guide to stain removal will give you a simple step by step process to save your clothes. 

·  Energy Saver Calculator. The in- built calculator can let you know how much your laundry is costing you each year and how much you could potentially save. How do you secure these savings? The Cold Power Smart Washer will give you tips for everyday washing habits that will make your laundry more efficient. 

The Cold Power Smart Washer can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store here:

Would you like to win a 6 month supply of Cold Power detergent and a $50 VISA gift card? Well simply follow the steps below!

To enter:

             I.            Download the Cold Power Wash Smarter iPhone app from the Apple App Store;

             II.            Review Colgate’s “Smart Tips” available at the ’Smart Laundry Tip’ tab on the app; 

             III.            Submit your answer to the following questions as a comment below:

a) What is your favourite Colgate Smart Laundry Tip from the Cold Power Wash Smarter app?
b) Describe In 100 words or less your biggest laundry disaster.

Limit applies of 1 entry per person during the Entry Period.

Employees of Cold Power (Colgate Palmolive) are not eligible to enter.
By entering this competition you accept these Terms and Conditions 


  1. a. Separate whites from colours, and pastels from dark colours
    b. my biggest disaster was washing a pen with the clothes and getting ink stains all over

  2. My favourite tip is pre-treat stains
    Try and remove all the 'yuck' that remains
    With three kids aged seven and under
    The laundry's a nightmare, is it any wonder?
    There's uniforms, pj's, undies and jeans
    In hues of blacks, greys, orange, greens!
    When one round is over, another begins
    My washing machine's dizzy, oh how she spins!
    It's a never-ending cycle, worse in winter of course
    Without a dryer, they need to dry on the horse.
    The biggest disaster? when a tissue remains
    And I'm left to remove the fluff, its the BIGGEST of pains!!!

  3. My favourite tip: pre-treat stains before you wash. So sensible and easy, but sometimes I've forgotten to do it, and have had to wash the item again!

    My washing disaster: Was in a rush to wash and dry the clothes before the rains started, and did the awful mistake of not checking the pockets... After the washing machine finished the load, to my horror I notice that ALL the clothes and towels had glitter on them, as my daughter had stuffed her jeans pockets with glitter so she could sprinkle "fairy dust" on her friends! Arrggg!

  4. I always sort my colours but the Laundry Tip I love is to sort your laundry before you wash, as soil can travel from one garment to another so wash heavlily soiled garments seperatly.

    My biggest laundry disaster:
    Miss 5 did Easter Craft at Kindy that involved Glitter Glue, I pop her tshirt and shorts into the wash and when its done I opened the lid to reveal a 70's Disco fest, everything was glittered it took 7 washes to get everything clean, for months after I would still see the odd glisten of Glitter in my Disco machine.

    My email is: karl DOT roach AT bigpond DOT com :)

  5. I downloaded it and love it. My favourite tip - use Cuddly ultra fabric softener to cut ironing time ...haha every mother's dream. It also keeps clothes smelling fresher and looking newer longer.

    My disaster - hubby washing my new $900 hearing aid ,I'd put in zipper pocket while dashing in the rain from ParaOlympics event to station. Then my hair was wet. Stuffed it completely.
    He still doesn't check for tissues or Mr 5's merit award - that was last week. Had to take the mangled pieces to the office in ziploc bag and didn't they laugh.I found it while trying to iron the pants.

  6. Pre-treat the stains, Cold Power advises.
    Maybe if I spray my daughters clothes as soon as she rises?
    Because guaranteed, as the day goes on,
    The clothes will be covered in food, paint, snot, tears, glue, glitter, fluff, cat hair, pen, playdough, sand...
    Need I go on???

  7. Oops, email is

  8. My favorite tip is getting the clothes on the line in time!!!
    This never happens at my place, between work, house, kids activities (and all those birthday invites) hubby...sometimes it's 24 hours before they hit the clothes line.

    My worst laundry disaster was after doing a load of cream towels I put them in the dryer just to finish them off. While they were drying I saw some red marks appear on the dryer door. Didn't think anything of it....once they finished I opened the door to find my daughter had put crayons in the dryer. It was everywhere. The towels were ready for the bin!! It took me forever to clean out the melted crayon.

  9. My favourite tip is to pre-treat stains..with 4 kids (and hubby) there are plenty of them to go around~~
    My biggest disaster was washing the husbands work shirts with a red sheet, they were all pink in colour~

  10. I love the app and my favourite tip is to pre - treat the stains too, like everything else its the prepartion that's important.

    Probably, no definitely, my very worst washing disaster was when I was trying to do a good deed which didn't really go according to plan. My sister was staying with me and being a good sister I decided to do her washing for her while she was at a conference. Yes, the sister with the pristine wardrobe. I sorted her clothes into whites and colours. I put her new white shirts into the washing machine but unfortunately I did not see my daughter's tiny hot pink cotton dress jump into the machine of its own accord after the shirts (oh no you didnt believe me either?). You guessed it, the white shirts turned slightly pink. I have never been so desperate as unlike me, my sister has expensive taste. Those new cotton shirts cost a bundle and I had ruined them in minutes. No matter which angle I turned those shirts they did not look attractive glazed in a pink hue. I tried everything to get the colour out and spent a fortune on different products. I nearly got the colour out but they no longer could be described as white. I was mortified and in tears. As expected, my sister did not appreciate my efforts to do her washing at all and told me never to touch her clothes again. We reverted to childhood and it was horrible. Eventually, we managed to laugh about it but.....still my face turns red even thinking about this episode...

  11. a..My favourite Colgate Smart Laundry Tip from the Cold Power Wash Smarter app is to pre-treat stains before you wash.I believe it will save so much time and keep the clothes clean as well...

    b...My biggest laundry disaster is to wash my white shirt with all the coloured clothes and my white shirt turned grey.I learnt my lesson but spoiled my favourite shirt.

    Favourite tip - pre-treating tough stains. Us Mums know well what it means! :-)
    Disaster - giving my husband's Iphone 4S a good wash. In the washing machine. With an extra rinse. He didn't speak to me for days after this!

  13. My favourite tip is about pre-treating. So handy with all the stains we have to deal with.
    The washing disaster - washing hubby's shirts when he'd just returned from a foreign trip with his passport still in the top pocket. I put it on the radiator to dry out, but as you can imagine it was no longer usable. :-(

  14. My Favourite tip is about pretreating stains! My daughter clothes are gross you would think she was a boy! If I don't pretreat they come out with half the stains still on it but I always seem to forget.

    My biggest disaster was staying at the to be inlaws house overseas and deciding to be helpful and washing some whites, mine and everyone elses. So I filled the machine up with perfect white clothes added some sard soaker for extra white whites. Only thing I didn't realise was there was a navy blue sock in the machine and it was preset for a hot wash. Absolutely everything was ruined and we were just about to announce our engagement. So disappointed the to be in laws and had no white clothes in my limited travelling suitcase to wear with anything. Oh the shame.

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  16. Pre-treating stains is a fantastic tip,
    As my boys are in mud as quick as a whip.
    My worst washing disaster to this day,
    You, my husband and our friends would say.
    When I washed our travel bag before our trip,
    I wish I would have undone that clip.
    Hidden were our passports from the last time,
    They came out looking like a ball of slime.
    That mistake I'll never make again,
    We were set for our honeymoon up til then.
    We no longer had passports so a new trip was planned,
    Instead of Las Vegas we went to Melbourne-land.
    Not quite what we wanted but what a story to tell,
    This disaster I don't ever want to excel!

  17. kim maxwell galwayst@hotmail.comMay 29, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    I like the tip about not leaving clothes sitting in the washing machine while wet or leaving them outside for too long, hate it when I do that!
    My biggest mistake was washing a red shirt with my son's white tae kwon do suit, it came out a lovely shade of very girlish pink. Luckily with some bleach and some cold power I was able to fix my error in time, there was no way in hell he would have turned up like that, I was very happy to be able to fix the problem and get him back to training in time in a white suit!


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