Monday, May 28, 2012

Dream On...

Guess what!? It seems I may have kicked procrastination out the door (touch wood). I have had a quilt almost ready for binding for months and I finally finished it last night.

I feel so silly that it took me this long to actually finish it though. It is only a lap quilt so it really doesn't make sense as to why I haven't done it sooner.

Do you do that with small tasks? Put them off and then when you finally do it you wonder why it took you so long?

Seriously this quilt took just over an hour to bind on the machine (including making the binding first)

It is now draped across a chair in our main living area bringing a fresh breath of spring into our wintery weather.

The quilting is so far from perfect it just isn't funny, but it was the first time I ever tried free motion quilting AND I had no idea what I was doing. But I played around on this quilt enough to know what I am doing next time and how to control everything because for parts I this I felt I had no control at all.

So I will put this down to a learning experience and move onto the next quilt, but at least next time I will actually know what I am doing! 

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  1. Looks great Amy. I need to hear more about free motion quilting.

    1. Thanks Jess,

      There are some great tutorials online, but you don’t really get it until you try. After doing this quilt I understand it all more and will be trying my hand at it again very soon!

      Amy x

  2. Snap! Ive been wanting to do a yellowish quilt for ages. I feel inspiration coming on. Beautiful!

  3. So bright & beautiful!
    It's so nice having home made things around the house, isn't it!?

    Visiting from AndSewWeCraft linky! :)

  4. Hey Amy forget about mistakes, just think of it as texture and interest.......your quilt looks great, love the colours, so bright and cheery....

    Isn't it always the way, we leave the last, little, fiddly jobs for ages and then wonder what the big deal was?...

    Claire :}

  5. Simply GORGEOUS!!! From the photos you can't tell what the quilting lookis like, but the patchwork certainly grabs your eye enough that I'm sure no one will really notice if it's perfect or not. What fabric did you use? I think I NEED some (Shhh. Don't tell hubby... he thinks I have enough already! lol)
    I am craving Spring's arrival. The next 3 months will just make it more wonderful when it does get here. :)

  6. Very pretty! I would love for you to link the up at "I Made This", going on now at Grits & Giggles!

  7. Amy it's gorgeous! You are right, it really does breathe freshness and Spring colours into your home and will make for a lovely lap blanket so snuggle under this Winter.

  8. Love your quilt! That line of fabbric was one of my favorites! Thanks so much for linking up to Made with Love! You're quilt was the most viewed link! I'm featuring you today!


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