Friday, April 20, 2012


This week has just been a long long week and I have felt like I have been chasing my tail the whole time. If you walked into my house at the moment you would probably declare it a bio-hazard and high tail it out of here quick smart.

I just can't seem to say on top of things at the moment and it has a flow on effect to my moods. Really the house looks how my head feels.  This week didn't start off well with my return to work discussions and then B ended up working some really long days which seen him come home and fall asleep pretty much instantly so I haven't been able to talk to him about any of the 'stuff' that is going on.

I am also almost at the end of my first 3 months of treatment for PCOS. Some things have improved, but some not so much. I am due to go back to the doctors in 2 weeks so we can re-asses some things, but again I want to talk to B about it all and we just haven't been able to get any down time to actually talk about it all.

Hopefully the weekend brings us all some rest and relaxation so I can start next week off with a better frame of mind.

How to cope when you fell like you just can't keep your head above water? (You do feel like that occasionally, right?! It is completely normal???)

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  1. Oh, I totally feel like my head is under water. With 2 kids, a part-time job, a house, a husband, and studying at uni, it's amazing that I don't feel snowed under more often!

    Cure? Pick just one thing you can control and finish that. Then pick another thing. Try and get little things done each day so that you can look around and say 'Yes, I accomplished this'. Soon enough everything will be good again.

    Big hugs :)

  2. Thanks Amy. I did just that today, the dishes got done, two loads of washing, some walls got cleaned too. It is amazing how much better they look after a quick scrub.

    You have a lot on your plate! I have been telling myself to just keep swimming... Eventually we will both re-surface.


  3. I TOTALLY get the house/head thing!! Our routine's been crazy this week, let alone getting organised to move, and the house is way behind and I just can't get my head back into normal routines, knowing that it's all going to change so very soon anyway. Ugh. Plus hubby's been sick, and now I've got it, and ohhhh it's been a crap week here too :(


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