Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where has the last 20 months gone?

 On Friday night we moved Ethan into a 'big' bed. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks, but I finally bit the bullet and just did it.

It all started because Caden had decided he didn't want bunk beds anymore. He had been asking for the last month to take the top bunk off and B finally did it, but since his bedroom isn't big enough for two beds we had to find somewhere to put the bed from the top bunk.

We could have put it in the shed, but I wasn't really keen on pulling it all apart to store it only to pull it out again in the next few months to move Ethan into it. So on Friday when Mahli was with my Mum and Caden was at school Ethan and I navigated the cot out of his bedroom and the bed in. It was no easy feet as Ethans bedroom is at the end of hallway to the right of our bedroom so it is in a weird corner.

After 20 minutes or so it was in, and I may or may not of hit the fan with the bed when I had to stand it up on one end to get it in the room.

Ethan was so excited to be in his big bed. And the bonus is since it was the top bunk it has rails on both sides so it is kind of like a big cot. He has slept well the last two nights (touch wood) and still waits for us to get him out of bed in the morning.

The last 20ish months have gone so fast and he is turning into a real little man, and I don't know if I like it. It seems like only yesterday that he was born.


They really do grow up way to fast! 

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  1. I hear you! Time does go sooo quickly with kids. Hope the transition in to the big boy bed goes well. Love the newborn pics too. Gorgeous x


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