Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tutorial: Hot/Cold Rice Packs

If you a looking for a simple, not to mention cost effective gift idea you can't go past some Hot/Cold Rice Packs. You can make them in different shapes and fabrics to suit the ladies, men and children in your life.  You might remember that I made a few before Christmas to give as gifts. I thought today I would give them a post of their own to show you just how I made them.

So, here are the ones I made and how I did it.

Sew the rectangles right sides together leaving room to turn right side out and fill with rice.

The rice mixture was rice, dried lavender and 20-30 drops of essential oils. I used a bottle cut in half for a funnel.

Once they are as full as you would like, either top stitch them closed or use and invisible ladder stitch.

He was supposed to look like he was in pain...
And again, he couldn't stop smirking!
If you want to make different shapes you can use cookie cutters, or draw the pattern free hand, the options really are endless. And they really are soothing and not to mention so much cheaper than the once you buy in the shops.


  1. Wow... this looks super easy Amy! I'll have to give it a go :)
    Do you have directions on how to heat it up?

  2. Oops, I probably should have put that in the post!

    To heat I usually just pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds and work from there depending on how hot you want it. Just don't heat for to long, you don't want to burn the rice or worse...

    Hope that helps x

  3. Oh I love these. I am definitely going to make a few of these. Thank you Amy! xxx

  4. Brilliant! My son hates the wheat bags & I've been searching everywhere for rice bags - now I can make my own :) But I'll leave out the lavender, he hates the smell...

  5. This is more than a little bit brilliant :)

  6. Thanks for the instructions. I think I will make some!

  7. great idea...I've made these for years. I also use flax seed or dried corn in mine. Tiny ones are great hand warmers for kids pockets~

    1. I hadn't even thought to use flaxseed or dried corn. What a great idea

  8. What type of rice do you use?!?!


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