Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinterest Linky Love: The Cold and Flu Remedy Edition

So I have been sick since Thursday. I have been feeling sorry for myself and wishing that they was money in the budget to call a ring in nanny, cleaner and cook while I just died quietly for the last few days.

Alas that just doesn't happen!

So instead I went to pinterest for some Cold and Fl remedies to try and get me through the school and kindy run tomorrow morning.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

What is your sure fire tips to getting over a cold?


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  2. Oh my, I hope you are feeling better now! I was sick last week and had to cancel a babysitting date. although I felt really bad for the mother, I remember thinking I was so glad that the children weren't mine and i could just roll up under my covers and be sick in peace!


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