Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some things on my mind today

  • Do you know that I have about 10 posts saved to draft but I can not seem to finish one of them?

  • Or that I am about to throw out my keyboard because it refuses to register most keys on the first attempt therefore that sentence just took about 3 minutes with many backspaces.

  • I was ready to jump down a school mums throat yesterday afternoon . They were walking behind me when I was walking into school to pick Caden up. Mahli and Ethan were with me. A little girl wanted to take her shoes off and her mother said no. She commented that the baby wasn't wearing any shoes, and her Mum replied something along the lines of him being a poor little thing and that his Mummy should put shoes on him. What she didn't know was that I had tried to put shoes on him before we left the house but it resulted in a tantrum and I was kind of in a hurry so I choose to pick my battles and put him in the car and pick the kids up.
  • I wish that the weather would just make up its mind. Is it going to rain or be sunny. Please decide soon. This humidity is killing me and making Ethan really really cranky
  • I had a meeting with work yesterday about my return in May. It did not go that well, but I will wait and see what they come back to me with. It appears I can't return to my old job, but I will be fighting that one.  
  • I am thinking about nominating myself for a position on the Kindy Committee. I think I have just gone mad...
  What random thoughts are popping into your head today?


  1. Yay - see you can write something! I'm getting annoyed with my own keyboard because the spacebar doesn't work very well and I have to do lots of backspacing too!

    Some people can be so rude - surely she knew you could hear her? Mum's should know better.

    Definitely fight for your job - I hate how some companies treat mums returning to work. Good luck on that one.

    Don't nominate for Kinder committee if you are returning to work. Give yourself a break. That's my two cents.

    I hope the sun comes out for you. I need it too as well so I can get my laundry dry!

    Take care x

  2. That mother probably would have commented on my mothering skills as well - I've taken Miss 2 to school in pj's, no shoes, fairy dresses...you've got to pick your battles, like you said. It's just a shame that people judge without knowing what's gone on at home (Miss 2 was having tantrums about clothing, so I decided it wasn't worth the fuss).

    I hope the work situation works out for you.

  3. Yep I think that mum would have passed judgement on me too.
    I'm have technology frustrations today as well after dropping my iPad last night and smashing the screen

  4. LOL..do babies really need shoes when just sitting in a stroller? some people are so rude!!

    The kindy commitee? you have gone mad haha

  5. Oh boy, am so happy to hear I'm not the only one who has a child with shoe wearing issues! And completely relate to the "unable to finish blog posts" syndrome. But look at you, you just did!

  6. Every day I start about one hundred things in my head, some I actually do, then I walk into a different room and get sidetracked by the next thing to do. It's like my brain can only remember so many things at once!


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