Thursday, February 23, 2012

My creative space

This week I pledged that I would finish off all my WIPs before starting a new project! And so far so good!

I had eight things on my list at the start of the week and now it is down to 6!

I finished off Cadens' Raggy Quilt

And my Twisty Snood!

So that leaves my list like this:

  • Summerhouse Quilt top
  • Twisty Snood- that I started last winter on our family holiday. I discovered that knitting in the car made me car sick after about 4 rows…
  • Dream on quilt- I just have a small about of free motion quilting to go on it and then I need to bind it
  • Mahli’s scarf- again started last winter, but my Granny ended up knitting the kids scarves so there was no need for me to finish Mahli’s at the time
  • Caden’s Cat in the hat rag quilt
  • Love heart pillow- I only need to hand stitch it closed and embroider the word Love on it…
  • Finish the face on Mahli’s Bit of Whimsy doll…
  • Piece the Hoo’s in the Forest quilt top that I started cutting 6 months ago
 Do you have a pile of Works in Progress that just keep growing? 


  1. Oooh LOVE the quilt...

    I have the deluded idea that one day I might make a quilt... but in reality I don't think I am precise and patient enough to manage it.

    But for now... my WIPs are a looong list of digital design jobs I need to get through!

    1. Try a rag quilt Kate! It is so easy and inaccuracy doesn't matter as much with a rag quilt :)

  2. Very cute quilt! You have been most industrious!

  3. I love your rag quilt, gorgeous!!!
    I do tend to finish all my projects, I'm stubborn like that, but then I have a million ideas for new projects and don't start any because I can't decide which to start on first...Sigh!

  4. Yah you! I had a finishing off WiPs month last year and it was so cathartic getting rid of that guilty feeling ;)
    Your quilt is just gorgeous and I love the snood too - good luck with the rest! Kx


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