Monday, February 13, 2012

McFatty Monday

I am kind of in limbo this week waiting for some more results after my trip to the doctors last week so I don't feel like writing much of a post for you for this McFatty Monday.

I am kinda of in limbo at the moment waiting for more tests and results and then finding out where to go from here. Everything is pointing to a diagnosis of PCOS and it kind of makes sense.

It makes sense of a lot of things I have struggled with for a long time.

And it also sheds a little light on why after sticking to a pretty good diet and exercise routine that I have lost barely anything.

So sorry for a bit of a nothing post, it probably doesn't make much sense at all... but please link up below and I will pop in and visit to check out your weight loss/healthy living post.


  1. The waiting game is hard. I hope the results come back more positive than you anticipated.

  2. Good luck with your results & if my hands are anything to remind me about some specialists are useless & some are amazing, keep seeking other opinions. Hang in there Amy, love Posie


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