Monday, February 6, 2012

McFatty Monday {with linky}

Well, that week went fast. I am have been feeling very blah lately. I am heading to the doctors on Wednesday for a full check-up. I feel like a whinger, but I have been having really bad lower back pain and cramping for the last couple of weeks.

And this is too much information, sorry!!! But for my last three cycles (or there abouts) I have been having mid-cycle bleeding. Accompanied with an all round feeling of fatigue and headaches, I am over it. So I am heading to my GP for blood tests and a checkup and then I will head on over to my acupuncturist after I get the bloods back to see what she recommends. I haven't been to acupuncture in over a year and I really should be going more regularly. If only for some me time.

I was going to acupuncture fortnightly (and sometimes weekly) for a while there and I found it really helped with my energy and mood levels. It is one of the things I attribute my recovery from post natal depression too.

Have you had acupunture before? Or does the thought of needles scare you?

As always if you have posted about weightloss or healthy living it would make me smile if you linked up below. The linky will be open all week.

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  1. I've never had acupuncture before, but my husband had a session as a young man. It was the last session of the day, the practitioner placed all the needles and left Hubby in a room, then after some time had passed, he proceeded to turn off all the lights, lock up and head home. Luckily I think my husband caught up with him before he went too far, but it's no wonder my Hubby has a fear of needles to this day!

    1. Oh that's horrible Shelly! It wouldn't be pleasant trying to move quickly with the acupuncture needles in, well depending on where they were put, but I usually get them in my hands, neck, head and parts of my back as well as my ankles...


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