Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tutorial: Knotty Tutu

 I have been meaning to post this for ages. I finally took pictures of one of the tutus I made before Christmas. It has taken me about a month to actually write this! So anyway, 

How to make a Knotty Tutu:

You will need:
No-roll elastic (measure your child's waist to get the correct measurement)
Tulle- In this instance I used some rolls of Tulle so there was no need to cut strips, but if you can't find tulle on rolls, simply buy it by the meter and cut into strips.
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread-(This is just to join your elastic together)


1. Firstly measure the elastic around your child's waist. Remember you need it to be snug on them.

2. Sew elastic together making sure not to twist the elastic

3. Cut tulle into strips about 15cm wide and however long to meet the desired length of the final tutu. Remember that the tulle will be doubled over the elastic so keep this in mind when cutting.

4. Start tying the tulle strips around the elastic as per the photo below.

 5. Keep knotting the tulle until finished.

6. Pop it on your child and let them enjoy!

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  1. What a gorgeous tutu! I will have to pick some tulle up this week and give it a shot. I find the ones bought just don't suit what i am looking for. This does though!

  2. Very cute! My little girl is only four months, but I can't wait till she's old enough for me to dress her in tutus!

  3. Wonderful and very easy idea to make a lovely dancing skirt or fairy skirt or whatever.


  4. Thank you for this tutorial!! I have a Grandgirlie that will be DELIGHTED with one....or more! LOL She will HAVE to have PINK.....for sure! Can't wait to see her lil face!!

  5. If you have to buy the tulle by the yard, how many yards would I need for one tutu? I've never made one but want to try and I have no idea how to "guesstimate" how much tulle I would need.

  6. Oh, I had no idea that tutus can be so easy to make!

  7. she looks so happy! I bet mine would love this. Thanks for sharing.


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