Monday, January 2, 2012


It isn't New Years Eve without sparklers, right?!

The kids... and B had a ball with them, while I tried to work the camera.

And they did it again last night too.


  1. We skipped them this year because my husband said "too dangerous" lol I think the kids would have been ok. I did panic about the poppers though. We hosted a party at our place and there were about 13 kids - I must have told them a hundred times to point those poppers upwards and AWAY from people's faces, including their own!

  2. haha, I walked pasted the poppers really fast at the shops for that reason, Cathy. I could just imagine it, plus they are just to messy for me.

  3. Neat! I love sparklers. We haven't had any in years. Another thing to add to my 25th birthday celebration 'must have' list.

  4. We missed our sparklers this year. Silly me thought we had some in the cupboard, but we'd used them up a few months ago! Luckily a friend gave the kids a packet of glow sticks for Christmas - so they kept the kids entertained for a very long time!


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