Friday, January 6, 2012

A new day

After yesterday where I just felt blah all day I decided to pack us all up and head out. We did a spot of op shopping this morning followed by the mundane task of back to school shopping. Caden was super excited to get some school shoes though. He looked so proud trying them on.

The kids scored big time at the op shops. Caden asked to get a kite and I said yes thinking that it was only one of them. When we opened the packet when we got home we found out there were actually two! Talk about pleased as punch. So of course we had to head to the park this afternoon to try them out.

I think I took about 200 photos at the park. I played around with my lenses etc. But I will show you some of them another day. I am also dying to show you some of my op shop finds. I will save that for the weekend though.

Getting out of the house really done us a world of good today. There are still jobs here waiting for me, but hey, at least the kids didn't cause any more mess around the house now did they?!

Do you find just getting out of the house helps everyones moods?

1 comment :

  1. Without a doubt, look forward to seeing what other goodies you came across whilst opportunity shopping :)


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