Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loving My Part of Australia

Growing up, I hated living here. In my small town with NO shops, NO Cinema and nothing to do. Only a beach to occupy us on weekends.

Fast forward a decade and I am finally seeing the appeal of this place. So we still really don't have any shops or a cinema, BUT the beach is still here and we are a stones throw away from a lot of beautiful places.

We visited one such place yesterday for the day and we all had a ball. We all went swimming and made sandcastles and went exploring. My kids always ask to go exploring.

The place we visited yesterday was 1770. I really want to share some photo's with you.

What do you love or hate about your part of the world? 

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  1. Only a Beach?!?!
    I thought it was every kids dream to live near a beach!
    I guess that it is often human nature to take forgranted what seems abundant.
    WE have moved a lot since having children, so I get to discover new places a lot :)
    The things I love at the moment is the weather, the shops, close proximity of shops and school, and close to great parks and reserves.
    Would love to be closer to the beach though (except that sand!).
    xx Sannah

  2. that beach is gorgeous!! would love to live near a beach like that..

    I live in Singapore, and I love the shops, food, accessibility etc. Basically a city life..

    but I also don't like, if I may, the "rudeness" of the people. People who don't give up their seats in the trains to pregnant ladies or old folks, people who just rush and don't queue up, people who don't greet you and talk to you like they owe you a living... Of course, not all people here are like that. But you see a lot of these ugly people around..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I too love all the beautiful beaches we have - I just hate that we get so over run with tourists at this time of the year. but that's being a little selfish isnt it. ;) oops xx

  4. I hate the weather here. And the fact that you can't go to the beach. It's too hot, and the box jelly fish are deadly, and not worth the risk; the water is completely unsafe to enter.
    It's hard here; there is not a lot to do that's not really hot!

    I do love the rain though. Especially when the monsoon sets in! That's the best!

  5. I have driven past 1770 before but have never stopped to check it out... but now I really want to! I've just re-discovered Bribie Island which is a little closer to home. Gorgeous. xo

  6. I love that I'm so close to town, a stone's throw, in fact. It's convenient for so many things. I don't like that it's an apartment and I'm surrounded by a concrete jungle. I wish I had more gardens and nature at hand, especially for the kiddies. That's why I loved our road trip so much. Yet could. I live in a more isolated place? Probably not. Ah well.

  7. OMGosh that photo of the kidlets holding hands warms my cockles! What a beautiful place!

  8. Beautiful - love the photo of your kids holding hands.

    My part of the world was like yours - hated it growing up, nothing but the beach and a rubbish mall. Now, it's expanded, we're now a city, the mall has improved and we have a cinema and lots of pretty good restaurants. The beach is still the drawcard though.


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