Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blank Page

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I keep coming back to write a post only to X back out of this page... I have so many things I want to post but lack the energy to actually upload and edit the images to write the posts.

Do you have those days were the mountain of tasks just seem to much? Don't get me wrong, I have achieved a fair bit today, but there is still so much beckoning me.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with more energy and drive to get some tasks done. In the mean time I think I will finally colour my hair with the products I bought before Christmas and watch a movie with the kids after B goes to work for the night.

What are you up too?


  1. I had to come and check if you had actually published a blank page ;)

    I've had my afternoon hijacked by a family request, so now I'm behind in getting a post done for tomorrow. And I have to think about dinner. Motivation is lacking.

  2. LMAO Amy I so know that feeling. I actually meant to start blogging again on New Years day, but just couldnt find the energy :) xx

  3. I've got many half-baked posts in drafts...and no oomph to finish them :) I've also got a million things to do around the, yep, no motivation here either (I've had way too many late nights, so that's probably why!)

  4. Oh I am hearing you girlfriend! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head but I just don't have the energy to be able to turn them into posts! Hope your blogging mojo comes back to you soon x

  5. I think we're suffering from the same issue, I just posted something similar to this too. My house is shambles right now. Everything seems too overwhelming and hard right now. My brain is having one giant brain fart and I just want to go lie in bed and watch TV all day. I'm not depressed, just tired and overwhelmed. Fingers crossed we both get our motivation and energy back!

  6. Haha, I totally get ya! Editing photos, uploading them, inserting them... blah blah blah!


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