Friday, December 2, 2011

Things I'm Loving

I've been sick all week so have been pretty slack on the blogging (and craft) front. I had planned to host a few giveaways this week, but haven't been able to write them up, so I am hoping to post them next week instead.

But anyway, I still wanted to share with you some things I am loving. This week has been a pretty good week regardless of the fact that I have been sick.

I started the week with my birthday on Monday and on the same day found out that I was this weeks blogger of the week over at Digital Parents.

We also started putting up our Christmas decorations and lights up around the house. It is starting to look very festive around here.

And then last night my Thermomix arrived!

See I told you it was a great week. Even thought it has included me coughing up my lungs at every opportunity and feeling like I have swallowed 20 razor blades...

What are you loving this week?

I am linking up with Paisley Jade for Things I'm Loving.



  1. I've got a case of the razor blades too. Feel for ya! Great list <3

  2. Great Christmas decoration. I love the chair covers, very original!

  3. It looks so lovely you have done a wonderful job, so hope you feel better soon my friend sending hugs your way.

    Always Wendy

  4. I guess I can stop feeling so guilty about being out of the loop this week due to coughing up razor blades myself. Seems like it hit the blogging world pretty hard this week! I hope you are feeling better! Found you on the Things I'm Loving linky. :) New follower!

  5. Ah, Kate and Dawnee, it seems like everyone second person has been sick this past week. Hopefully it all clears away before Christmas arrives!

    Thanks so much for stopping by guys!


  6. Do hope you are feeling better today. Loving your decorations - we have just put ours up too!!


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