Saturday, December 17, 2011

So, we got our Santa photos...

And I fully expect for us to end up on that horrible Awkward Family Portraits website...

Can you help me choose which one I give to the grandparents for this Christmas?? 

Do you do Santa photos?


  1. I couldn't even get my kids to do one this year. I like the second one best, i think. {you look great by the way!} xx

  2. I like the third one. Two of your kids are not looking into the camera, but at least they look as if they are going to smile ;) No Santa photos for us, either. Unless I photoshop them.

  3. I like third too :)
    We haven't done Santa photos either - slack!

  4. I think the second one - there was never getting your beautiful little girlie to look but your littlest man is looking straight ahead so seriously and adorably and your oldests facial expression is much more open than in the first shot.
    Lovely kids, thanks for sharing your photo

  5. Oh I loooove Santa photos. I've just posted ours too. Your Santa seems to be missing his mouth :-D I agree the second photo but I like the others too, they tell a story. Have a great day! Mel xx


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