Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piquing my Pinterest

Remember how I recently got a Thermomix??? Well, I have been cooking and baking myself through the cookbooks I got with it but I also took to Pinterest to find some recipes and inspiration...

Again I got a bit carried away with pinning, but here are just a few...

Do you have a Thermomix? Or do you think they are an overpriced gadget??

What have you been pinning lately?

I am linking up with Tina from Tina Gray {dot} me for Piquing My Pinterest and Natasha from 5 Minutes Just For Me for Pinning and Singing.

Tina Gray {dot} Me


  1. Oh yum, those things look amazing. I must admit I had to do a bit of research as I had never heard of them before. Very nifty. xx

  2. Don't have one, not sure what they do or how they work! But if they make life simpler, I'm interested :)
    Those profiteroles look pretty darn good...

  3. I don't have one and will probably never experience it as we need a new vacuum and i want a stand mixer so that will be our next appliances...BUT i do see them all over blogland these days

  4. Mmmmm that all looks so yum. Which I had a thermomix.

  5. I've got one, had it for over threebyears and sadly, don't use it as often as I should. But now so inspired to look to pinterest for ideas! Might just get my money's worth now.

  6. Don't have one but I hear they are great. Love your pins. Thanks for linking up x


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