Sunday, December 4, 2011

Piquing my Pinterest

This week my Pinterest Pins have been pretty much all about crochet. It is something I have been trying to teach myself for the past 12 months, but I always throw my hands up in the air and give up.

Well, that is no more! My new blog will be going live this week and the first crafty challenge I am setting for myself is teaching myself to crochet. I figure if I do it publicly and have people follow my journey, then I will at least get one project finished!

Here are just a few of my 'Learn to Crochet' pins... I went a little pin crazy again!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Can you crochet? Or do you think it is a skill best left to your Nana?

I am linking up with Tina from Tina Gray {dot} me for Piquing My Pinterest and Natasha from 5 Minutes Just For Me for Pinning and Singing.

Tina Gray {dot} Me


  1. Beautiful! I can crochet, I love it. But my hands get a little painful these days so I haven't done it in ages.

    Good luck learning. I much prefer it to knitting. Crochet gives you an "instant" look at what you are making :)

  2. That’s why I would like to learn so much! I can knit, but it takes me ages, crochet seems like a craft that will satisfy my ‘instant gratification’ needs :-P

    Amy xx

  3. No idea how to crochet or sew but will bloody learn in these holidays LOL :-) xxxx Love the pins looks easy enough

  4. That top cushion is so pretty! i am slowly learning to knit, crochet might be next :-)

  5. Lots of gorg inspiration here, will be going to repin me thinks!

  6. Those Owl beanies are so cute! I would love to learn to crochet just to make them hehe

  7. When you have learnt to crochet, please post a "how to" because I do NOT understand it all!

  8. I really have to pull my finger out and learn to crochet - these pins are so cute. xx

  9. I took up hand sewing / embroidery 2 years ago (shocking to me) but have still never knitted a whole scarf nor have i tried crocheting - not sure i could follow those patters - beautiful pins though

  10. I have the supplies. I tried. But I didn't get far. So, I'm with Jo, post a how - to that we can all understand ;)

  11. I am very late to visit and to say thank you for linking up to my Pinning and Singing party-I am so sorry! I have been a bit pre-occupied with my 12 Days of Christmas series on my Christmas blog! Have you been by to visit? I would be so thrilled if you did-there's lots of Christmas inspiration over there!

    Thanks again for linking up and sharing these great pins! I have tried the whole crochet and knitting things but I get a bit arthritic when I do too many things with my hands so I will just have to admire your beautiful creations!

    Best wishes,

    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me


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