Friday, December 23, 2011

My Kids Christmas Wishlist

Okay, I know it is only 2 sleeps til the fat man in the red suit descends chimneys, climbs in windows, squeezes through air con vents or however else he will be gaining access to enter our houses to leave gifts under the tree.

But just in case you are still scrabbling to figure out some gifts for your little folk, I thought I would share what has been a hit here lately. My kids ages range from 5 down to almost 18 months so we have a few different needs and interests to cater for. The following have been a hit with all three.

Mega Blocks

Zhu Zhu Pets

Caden has also requested anything Cars/ Lightnight McQueen related. Mahli just wants a baby girl... She has been told that isn't going to happen so she has decided that she will settle for this.

And well Ethan wants anything that anyone else has...

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? What are you kids getting from Santa?

Disclaimer: We did receive the toys that are photographed above to review. But I am only sharing them as my kids genuinely enjoy playing with them.  

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