Thursday, December 22, 2011

My dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottees...

Okay, So I am betting you have seen this ad sometime this year?

The first time I seen it I remembered thinking WTF? And the B came back from the supermarket complaining that his cordial now came in a smaller bottle. It was then that I understood what the hell the ad was on about. I told him to actually read the bottle and we went on our merry way.

That was until he started complaining again that I wasn't making the cordial properly! So when I got a email a few weeks back asking if we would like to trial the new mix and a  jug that is available to make “finding your perfect mix” even easier I said yes simply for the fact that it would ease our debates of cordial making... Yes we debate over the best cordial to water ratio... B drinks a HUGE amount of cordial...

So I was told that Cottee’s have created the perfect mix jug with line indicators for the cordial, making you an expert mixologist every time. And you know what? It's true. There are three indicators on the bottom of the jug for cordial strength preference so no more arguing. We just go by the indicators!

The jugs are free with any purchase of two Cottee’s 1 litre cordial jugs at Coles supermarkets (while stocks last), so be sure to grab one next time you are doing your shopping.

Now, back to talk about Cottees Ad's , I just have to say it, it just can't be a Cottee's ad without the "My dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottees' jingle in it!

Now that wasn't the ad from my childhood. The 90's version is what I remember seeing as I am of the '85 vintage. But that jingle would have to be one of our nations most recognisable, don't you think?
Do you like or loathe the Cottees Cordial ad of 2011? 

Oh and Cottees Cordial are also running a Chipmunk promotion on facebook so pop over to the Facebook page for your chance to win.


  1. I've not seen that ad yet, but I do remember the old jingle. Seems silly to stop using it when even a Kiwi who didn't grow up in Australia can recognise it and associate it with a product she doesn't even buy!

  2. I have to say Im not a fan of cordial, but the jingle stays buried, even seeing Cottees cordial when shopping makes it surface haahahha


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