Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Now I know I won't be getting of these things. In fact I will probably get nothing as B was supposed to be taking the kids shopping this morning, but he has apparently forgotten all about it because he hasn't gotten anyone ready and it doesn't look like they are leaving the house... okay, that sounded snarky... and well it is I guess. Can I blame my three hours sleep on that???

But what I would really like would be any of these:

Silhouetter Cameo

GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

I'd be happy with any digital SLR really...

What is on your Christmas wish list???

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  1. Oh I want one of those cameras too! Sigh. I do have a digital camera but there's always a better one I aspire to. My sister and mum have a camera that they had to do a course to learn how to use and my father in law is a photography buff too... so I'm lucky I can get them to take lots of pics for me! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and I hope you get lots of sleep!! xo

  2. I could definitely do with a camera like that. My model is not nearly as good, but it won't be happening this year :(
    I gave up years ago hoping that my husband might decide to take the kiddies out to buy me something special, so instead I take a guilt free day of shopping, leaving him at home with the children and buy myself something I want. This year I bought myself some gorgeous blue and white vintage Johnson bros plates and bowls. Not extravagant, but I really love them. Hope you get something you like, xx

  3. I'd definitely have to say ditto on your list! I'd be happy if any of these items were under my tree!

  4. What is that fabric cutter? It looks amazing! I want one too!

    Hope you get some of your Christmas wishes Amy. Merry Christmas!

  5. oooo I desperately want the Silhouette too ;) Hope your wishes come true. have a great Christmas xx

  6. I'd definitely take the ipad or the digital SLR. We blogging minds think alike!

  7. Oooh, I'd be happy with any of those...especially the Digital SLR. :)

  8. the ipad 2 was top of my list and i bought it for myself already (and hubby uses it too and the kids) - still want a mixer and have told the kids to tell daddy ; )Not even asking for a kitchen aid LOL

  9. Yep I would happily take any of those. I think the fabric cutter would be my number one pick. Not sure what I would actually do with it but it looks way cool!

  10. Yes I am with Rhiannon - any of those goodies!

  11. Hi, I have stopped by your blog for the first time today... lovely. I have made a Christmas wish list too
    My wishlist


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