Monday, December 12, 2011

McFatty Monday {with linky}

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So on Saturday I put a call out on Twitter asking who could/would/do get up at 4:30am to exercise. A fair few answered with a resounding NO! But there were also a few of you that said yes, you would or do. The reason I asked is that I was trying to write up my diary for the next few weeks and fit it some exercise time. To do so it would involve quite a few 4:30am wake ups as B leaves for work at around 5:15am when he is on day shift and gets home just before 7pm then he goes for a run. So by the time he gets back from his run/weights training it is 8ish. I would really like to be able to exercise without the kids around but realise that this isn't always a possibility.

Amy was kind enough to point me to some great home based workout from Nerd Fitness, and I tried out the Beginners Body Weight Workout straight away, I have done it twice since Saturday and lets just say I am feeling a little sore... But thanks Amy! I was able to do this around the kids, well around Caden and Mahli. This is best reserved once Ethan is in bed as he tried to climb all over me when I was doing push ups!

So this week, my goals are:

  • Drink at least 2 Litres of Water everyday
  • Complete the Beginners Body Weight Workout at least 4 times
  • Pilates DVD 2 times
  • Yoga once
  • In bed by 10pm Every Night- If you see me stuffing about on Twitter or Facebook, please send me to bed!
 Would you get up at 4:30am to exercise? How do you fit your exercise time into your week?

Have you been posting about your weightloss/healthy living goals? I'd love it if you could link up below and share your journey with me? There are no rules, but I would love it if you could link back to me.


  1. I have no gotten up quite THAT early but before kids I used to hit the gym for between 5:30 and 5:45 . . . which meant getting up at 5.

    Now I am lucky enough to at least have most evenings that I can get out and hit the gym . . . because there is just no way I could get up early enough to exercise in the mornings without my kids. Sigh.

    Good for you and keep up the hard work.

  2. I'm glad you've been enjoying Nerd Fitness and the body weight workout! I was really suprised to find that I enjoy it and it got me some results. I love that I can do some kind of workout during the week when the kids are napping (and I don't need any special equipment). Dh & I then often race each other on the weekends- he always wins, but it's fun to be able to keep up.

    I'm a bit nervous heading into Christmas, my twice-weekly fitness class is on break and I think it's going to be hard to stay motivated, particulary with all this good Christmas food around....

  3. Thanks Jenn, lets just see how long I can keep it up!

    Amy, my hubby would beat me by a mile if we made a race of it. But I bet it would be fun to try it out with him! I understand your nerves about Christmas, I feel the same as you!

  4. I know for sure I couldn't get up at 4.30am to exercise! Great that you found an alternative! Love all your goals. My top one this week is to drink enough water. I'm terrible at it. This week I just started Operation Crash Hot with my brother helping me out. He's a personal trainer - very handy! Next week there will be our self made exercise videos - yikes!

  5. Oh, can't wait for next week Laney! Sounds like fun... and slightly painful!

    I managed to fit in my 2 litres today. Did you?


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