Monday, December 5, 2011

McFatty Monday {with linky}

So it seems the universe was against me last week, the week that I publicly admitted defeat with my weight and pledged to change my lifestyle for the better.

There has been pretty much no exercise due to the fact that I started the week off with a throat infection which by Friday had turned into an ear infection too.

I did increase my incidental exercises in any way that I could, but proper focused workouts just didn't happen. I did focus on my eating though, and was more aware of what I put in my mouth.

I received a comment on last weeks McFatty Monday post that really made me think about my eating habits over the past few years, and really nothing has changed in that sense at all. I can honestly say that I eat now pretty much the same way I did 6 years ago, of course I also used to walk to work most days and even though I had an office job, I had to use two flights of stairs every time I need the loo. Life is busier now than it was 6 years ago, I didn't have three kids to look after and a house to run. It was just B and I and the occasional housemate. We would walk the dogs most days too, these days unfortunately that only happens once a fortnight...

So really I have to stop being so complacent and try to incorporate more incidental exercise into my everyday life.

Have you become complacent with your eating? Have you notice the same thing happening with your eating habits and weight?

Feel free to link up any healthy living or weight loss posts you have posted recently. There is only one rule persay, and that is:
  1. Please link back to me to acknowledge that you are linking up with McFatty Monday. I wold really appreciate that!
Next week I hope to have a badge to share with you too. Monday just snuck around way to fast for me this week!


  1. I've been hearing more and more about how weight loss is done in the kitchen, not in the gym. Which is hard for me- I love to move, but with two kids, a job, uni, I find it so hard to not reach for the convenient option when I'm hungry (like driving through a restaurant!).

    I think it's what's really keeping me back from my goals.

    Hope you are feeling better soon and back on the wagon!

  2. I have been hearing the same thing Amy, it totally makes sense!

    I need to stop eating like I was way back when as I am just not (obviously) burning more that I am putting in anymore...

    My AB’s are finally working and I am feeling slightly more normal today... Will try and make friends with the tready today and see how I go.

    Amy x

  3. Yes it's definitely a combination. I think exercise can be used as a bonus or as a way to maintain a healthy weight but to actually get to the healthy weight dietary changes have to happen. It's not easy at first but once you get into a rhythm it just clicks. Hope you get a fresh burst of motivation this week! . . . and the little Christmas outfit! lol Happy to be linking up!

  4. Mums often tell us that by taking with one small realistic step at a time they can keep motivated and have some fun eg. go for a walk with the kids, drink more water, try a new healthier recipe...Strict diets and vigorous exercise regimes seem difficult and restrictive.

    ...and try to enlist other mums. Support and laughter are excellent medicine!

  5. The war on weight is won in the kitchen I think! You can eat anything you want and train your arse off and not lose weight - eat less and much better foods and not move much, You'll lose more weight. 80% nutrition 20% exercise!

    Keep up the fluids Amy, DRINK MORE WATER!!! A good nights sleep does wonders too - your body needs rest too. - especially if you are sick. x Take Care.

    I have linked up my post.


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